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Ever since he was born, Vincent Vandersnoot never fit in. With just a tiny "paw" where his right arm should be, he didn't look right, and apparently he didn't act right either... Vincent wanted to know the answers to all the grown-up questions about the world: What is God like? Why did He make us? And why are we on earth? These questions are so big, that many grown-ups don't even know the answers, and some don't like it when little kids like Vincent start asking them! And so begin the adventures of Vincent Vandersnoot and his wise guide Mr. Toewinkle as they journey around the world and beyond to understand God's purpose for him, the earth, and for everything! *** Did you know? You are a totally unique creation of God, made exactly as He wanted you to be! God is your friend and protector, and He is always there for you! God loves you and has wonderful plans for your life! Based on solid Biblical principals, Vincent Vandersnoot gives every child the knowledge and direction they need to start life on the right path and to keep focused on what really counts! This book is for all parents, teachers, churches and anyone with a special child in their life who needs to know how valuable and necessary they are to God and to the world!


Vincent Vandersnoot Finds His Purpose! Complete Book

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