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Freedom matters. Over my twenty-five year career, I've worked as both a consultant and an employee, teaching people ways to be effective at getting the change they want to see in their communities, because we all want the best life possible, and you can only achieve that if you're free.

Whether you crave historical knowledge, grassroots organizing skills, or commentary on the issues of our day, allow me to inform and inspire your small group or large crowd with my personally researched and written speeches and multi-media presentations. 

Sometimes my speeches and trainings are through the lens of my Christian faith, and sometimes they’re for secular audiences, but either way, they’re always rooted in the timeless principles of God’s vision for us to live up to our potential through free-will and unique purpose.

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"Stephanie is a gifted writer, speaker and trainer. She is unusually capable in communicating how to connect-the-dots to answer the question, 'How did our country get into this unrecognizable condition?' She also gives hope by sharing actions we need to take to make changes. I wouldn't miss her in-person presentations or trainings for anything!"

B.J. West, Grassroots Activist, FL

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